• Hyukjae: donghae how do you feel towards niigata?
    Donghae: niiga….140408 Niigata D&E Tour DAY 2
    Hyukjae: niigata!!!
    Donghae: niga…
    Hyukjae: NI! I! GA! TA!
  • Donghae: I am everyone’s boyfriend, Donghae
    Hyukjae: idiot
  • Hyukjae: we came here, stay in hotel, go around by car, looking at the…

140418 Eunhae tour in Niigata :

 hyuk: call me, if it doesnt connect.. (he was going to say the number you are calling is busy)

hae was giving the expression that he knows it all, and he was imitating him.

when hyuk talks, he hug hae, hae keep on being naughty, hyuk pretend to lightly pat his face, hae pretend it was painful and pouted, and use towel to cover his face, hyuk was giving the face of “what am i going to do with you”


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140418 D&E Japan Tour Niigata Day2


as usual hae told everyone to sing along to 10 years after the song finished 
hae: everyone is getting good now nn
hyuk: I know. those who are confident put their hands up and sing while those who are not hid their mouths with the lightstick. I know it 

lolol so strict pmsl 

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140418 D&E Japan Tour Day2


the screen was showing a small kid, but he was so shy and hid behind his mom huhu
hyuk: eh where did he go~~~
hae: baby come out~~♡

at the end camera suddenly focused on hyuk kkkkk then while looking at hyuk, hae said “baby~♡”


after that hae sang 10 years in baby voice, the part “hey ten years ago, konna hi ga masaka kuru nante” but he sand like “hey 10 years ago, konna hi ga machaka kuru nante” FML so cute so cute aaaaaaandjejjens

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hae: we’re always together so I thought there’s no need for us to travel together too
hyuk: what are you talking about ?! I really love travelling. after all, I love travelling with members the most. last 2 years I went to Greece with kyu and wook. (while pointing at hae) donghae was…

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140418 Eunhae tour in Niigata:

During motorcycle “hey what’s up” (hyukjae’s line) hyukjae touched donghae’s neck, then during donghae’s line he hit hyukjae’s chest and then they kept alternating..


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140418 Niigata


donghae danced a bit of swing and after he swung the towel he wrapped the towel around hyukjae and hyukjae hugged him [掌心witheunhae

140418 Eunhae tour in Niigata:

During ten years when the stairs moved closer, hyukjae patted the space next to him telling donghae to sit next to him and they were both laughing.

at the end donghae was looking at hyukjae but hyukjae purposely turned around and didn’t look at donghae and was secretly smiling


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Forever reblog this. 

Forever reblog this. 

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140417 Eunhae tour in Niigata:

hyukjae: after ten years we will get married together with the fans, how about it?

fans: no 

hyukjae: didn’t you guys suggest it just then???

fans (shouting): (you) get married with donghae!!!

* hyukjae immediately changed the topic ^-^ *


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